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Type anywhere in Nepali language

Type anywhere in Nepali language

To many people ask me how to type Nepali language online or offline??
Here are few steps that will install (Google Nepali Input)  in your Computer .
First Step 1.  You need  To go this links 

You'll see this this type image below

You can also directly download from here click Below links

Drive Dumper Clone & Backup Partition or Hard Drive

        Drive Dumper Clone & Backup Partition or Hard Drive

Free Data Backup is a new tool that allows users to backup partition or whole hard drive in the exact same state to any external or internal drive.
Sometimes a need arises where we have to backup the content of an old drive and shift it to a newer drive. In such cases we need to clone the old drive and make an exact duplicate of it in a newer drive.
Driver Dumper performs a low level copying where the magnetic pattern of an entire disk remains intact. The usage is simple, first select the partition or hard drive that you want to clone (including free space and reserved space) and then select the target destination where you want to save it, then hit Start Clone.

Android Application Backup and Restore.

Android users have a lot of options when it comes to creating backups. One of the easiest is to copy files from the Android device to a PC through the USB connection. But sometimes your files are sorted in strange ways that might not be read correctly when copying them back to a new Android OS.
Astro File Manager is an essential app that should be one of the first installed on any Android device. From backing up apps and files, you can also access your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts directly from the app, giving you the ability to back up your entire device over a data connection.
Astro File Manager hasn't changed how to back up apps, but creating backups of important files and data is made easier.

Super Backup SMS & Contacts for Android Mobile

                                   Super Backup: SMS & Contacts

Best Android Backup Apps: Super Backup

This is the first app of this type I started using and I can say that this is indeed one of the best Android backup apps. It's very simple and lets you back up data with just one tap. You can back up apps, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendar and bookmarks.

Fast & Furious 6 the Game Download

This Entertainment Application for Android in fact has some very special features among which we can mention for example it is not driving through a virtual steering wheel but this game is pretty much like another as drag racing or 3D Street Drag where you must stop in the corners skidding and others if you want to own the stock.

Go Power Master for Android Mobile

            Go Power Master for Android Mobile


This is also a more advanced app offering much more than just kill-app function. Its main purpose is to help you save battery and optimize your phone's performance.This is also a very efficient Android app killer. You can display all apps or only apps running in the background. The app allows you for adding an intuitive widget to your home screen and kill apps with just one tap.

Android Assistant Application

This is an extremely useful app. It offers 18 features which will help you easily and effectively manage your Android phone and improve its performance. The main features include monitoring system (CPU info, memory info, battery into etc.), start up manager, system clean, file manager, cache cleaner or volume control.